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Policy and Advocacy work



Picture a world where the swaying leaves of trees compose a tranquil melody, and the glistening waters of ponds whisper stories of rejuvenation.
Welcome to SAFE – more than just an environmental organization, it’s a symphony of change, a harmonious movement that reverberates through forests, echoes across landscapes, and resonates within communities.




In India’s diverse landscapes, trees outside forests (TOF) have a unique role. They thrive beyond woodlands, creating ecosystems that embrace bustling cities and serene rural areas alike. Our mission is deeply rooted in the soil, where we plant native species with meticulous planning.

Miyawaki Forests

These vibrant havens flourish within years, reinvigorating landscapes and hearts. Our best practices include comprehensive planning, meticulous soil preparation, and involving local communities. Regular maintenance ensures these forests grow rapidly and provide diverse ecosystem services.

Biodiversity Parks

Abandoned lands are transformed into mini-biodiversity parks, promoting environmental security, recharging groundwater, and serving as spaces for education and eco-tourism. Our success recipe involves careful species selection, regular maintenance, and active community participation.

Conventional Plantation

Native trees sway in harmony, forming multi-layered forests with intertwining canopies. Best practices involve selecting regionally suitable native species, optimizing spacing, and nurturing mini-forests for long-term sustainability.

Over the years, we’ve orchestrated 100 plantation drives, sowing more than a lakh saplings. From villages to societies, schools to corporate domains, we’ve painted the canvas of our nation with hope. Each sapling is a promise, a whisper of tomorrow’s forest echoing through time.

Work for Water


Close your eyes and listen – water bodies have stories to tell. Ponds, lakes, and wells were once nature’s lifelines. Neglect cast a dark shadow, leaving them in disarray.

This is where we intervene.

Water Body Revival

Our journey of revival breathes life into forgotten water bodies. We meticulously clean, prevent sewage inflow, and restore aquatic habitats. The best practices include involving local communities in regular maintenance and habitat restoration.

Wetland Conservation and Management

Preserving and nurturing wetlands is pivotal. We practice vigilant monitoring, invasive species control, and active community engagement in wetland protection.

Jal Panchayat (Water Awareness)

We raise awareness about the paramount importance of water. Our best practices encompass community workshops, educational initiatives for schoolchildren, and advocacy for sustainable water use practices.

River Pollution Control

SAFE is a staunch advocate for cleaner waterways. Our best practices entail collaboration with industries to encourage eco-friendly practices, constant water quality monitoring, and relentless advocacy for stricter pollution control measures.

Groundwater Protection

Safeguarding this essential resource is our duty. We educate farmers on sustainable irrigation practices, promote rainwater harvesting, and diligently monitor groundwater levels to prevent over-exploitation. 

Rain water harvesting and waste water reuse

Capturing the essence of rain, drop by drop, secures our water future. Our best practices include designing efficient rainwater harvesting systems for homes and institutions, ensuring proper filtration, and utilizing harvested rainwater for non-potable purposes.

Work for Air Pollution Control


In the battle against air pollution, SAFE stands as a stalwart protector.

Stubble Burning Regulation

We’re at the forefront, combating stubble burning to preserve air quality. Best practices include promoting alternative uses for crop residues, providing subsidies for stubble management machinery, and conducting extensive awareness campaigns among farmers.

Dust and Industrial Pollution Control

Our mission extends to controlling dust and industrial pollution. We advocate for stricter emissions standards, promote green industrial practices, and employ robust air quality monitoring to drive policy changes.

Organic Farming


  • Around 15-20 kilometers from Noida lies Bhanauta, a village where Vikrant Tongad, the founder of SAFE, embarked on a groundbreaking experiment in 2013-14. His vision was to convert his family’s 20-acre farmland into a thriving organic farm.
  • This experiment has grown into a remarkable success story, serving as both an inspiration and a practical model for sustainable organic farming. SAFE’s work in Bhanauta has encouraged farmers to adopt eco-friendly practices, emphasizing natural methods over synthetic pesticides and chemicals.



Cities often echo with the rhythm of concrete, but we believe in the power of green dreams. Our mini-biodiversity parks are where nature and communities unite, where ecosystems thrive, and where urban life finds a moment of respite.

Canvas of Transformation

Abandoned lands become canvases of transformation, parks are born from former wastelands, and life flourishes in the heart of urban jungles.

Nature's Classrooms and Sanctuaries

These parks aren’t just spaces – they’re classrooms for the curious, sanctuaries for the weary, and homes for a diversity of life.

Harmony with City Rhythms

Groundwater is recharged, microclimates are cooled, and nature’s whispers harmonize with city rhythms.



At SAFE, we’re not just planters; we’re guardians of green legacies. When the echo of chainsaws threatens trees, we stand as a shield.

Guardians at the Gate

Whispers of concern from our volunteers become the battle cry for nature’s protection.

Allies for Nature

We collaborate with forest officials and agencies, rescuing trees and safeguarding their rightful place in the landscape.

Environment and Climate Education


  • SAFE’s core mission revolves around fostering a profound emotional connection with our audience. Our primary goal is to inspire individuals to embrace environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We aim to set an example by actively engaging in these practices and educating the public through various initiatives, including public awareness campaigns and school events like Jal Panchayats.
    Through our efforts, SAFE strives to demonstrate unwavering dedication to the cause of environmental preservation. We believe that leading by example is the most effective way to instill these values in the hearts and minds of our target audience.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adoption Work


SAFE stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. Our mission is clear: to mitigate and adapt to climate challenges, forging a sustainable future for all.

Climate Guardians

SAFE takes the lead in climate action. We work relentlessly to not only combat climate change but also to foster resilience in our communities, ecosystems, and industries.

Community Empowerment

At the heart of our approach is community empowerment. We equip individuals with knowledge and resources, turning them into environmental stewards. Together, we create a groundswell of positive change.

Global Collaboration

SAFE knows that tackling climate change requires a united effort. We collaborate with organizations, governments, and individuals worldwide, building a network of change-makers.

Legacy of Sustainability

Our work is a lasting legacy. We are writing a story of resilience, innovation, and hope for future generations.

Join Our Symphony of Change Today!

SAFE is more than an organisation – it’s a declaration of our commitment to a better world. Together, we compose a symphony of change, where each note resounds with the promise of a greener, healthier, and more harmonious future.

A Symphony of Action

Every action, every tree, every drop of water, every breath of clean air, and every step towards sustainability plays a pivotal role in our mission.


Towards a Thriving Tomorrow

As we work towards a world where nature thrives, communities flourish, and our planet sings with life, we leave a legacy that resonates with beauty, sustainability, and hope.


Welcome to SAFE, where every action we take is a verse in the anthem of change.