The Environmental Maestro
Behind SAFE

In the tapestry of environmental conservation, Vikrant Tongad stands as a brilliant brushstroke, weaving together a portrait of profound dedication and innovation. He is the driving force propelling SAFE, an organization committed to preserving our planet’s fragile ecological harmony.

A National Water Hero: Vikrant’s remarkable commitment to water conservation earned him the illustrious ‘Water Hero Award’ from the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India. This recognition celebrates his extraordinary efforts in safeguarding this life-sustaining resource and acknowledges his pivotal role in leading nationwide water conservation endeavors.

A Decade of Eco-Leadership: For over a decade, Vikrant has donned the mantle of an eco-visionary, spearheading initiatives to restore our planet’s delicate equilibrium. His relentless pursuit of environmental justice has not only made waves but has resulted in landmark judgments delivered by the National Green Tribunal. These judicial victories have set new benchmarks in environmental preservation, and Vikrant remains a steadfast advocate for the planet’s well-being.

Cultivating Change on the Ground: Vikrant’s influence transcends courtrooms and legal battles; it extends to the very heart of our communities. His initiatives have sown the seeds of profound change at the grassroots level, transforming the lives of countless individuals and nurturing a deeper bond between communities and the natural world.

A Beacon of Timeless Inspiration: Vikrant’s life journey is an ever-glowing beacon of inspiration. He epitomizes the symbiotic dance between humanity and nature, illuminating the path to positive change through unwavering dedication. His narrative ignites the courage to stand tall for our planet and invites all to embrace responsibility for its well-being.

Join the Symphony with Vikrant Tongad and SAFE: Step into the captivating world of Vikrant Tongad and the organization he birthed. Together, we compose the score of a future where the intricate balance of our planet’s ecosystems is not just conserved but rekindled, and where the alliance between humanity and nature thrives for generations to come. 

Join us on this extraordinary symphonic journey toward a sustainable and harmonious world.

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It’s challenging to bring about any kind of change in a society. Igniting climate consciousness and a sence of community ownership of Nature and natural resourcesis perhaps one of the hardest shifts to manifest in the collective consciousness of anysocial order.