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social Intervention

Our conservation efforts involve social interventions in different kinds of disturbances to the ecology and environment, perpetrated by the reckless private entities, private builders, big corporates and government agencies, alike. While our social initiatives including generating awareness through media, social media, campaigns and even demonstrations.


we have taken several issues to the courts like National Green Tribunal (NGT), after the governments and their agencies in different states failed to acknowledge and rectify those ecological turbulences.

About Us

Obviously you are really thinking why do we need a healthy environment
Obviously you are really thinking why do we need a healthy environment

SAFE is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), established to serve the environment and society. Based in Greater Noida (Delhi NCR), safe work in the area of environmental conservation, rain water harvesting system , legal consult on Environmental issue , and also work to protected to River ,wetland and other water resources and working for protected to forest and green cover . Basically Safe taking legal initiatives for protect to environment , So safe and member of safe have filed such Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on Environmental Issues . So we are thinking Litigation is main tool with out provided ways to protect the environment in India . SAFE has been founded in 2013 by environment activist Vikrant Tongad with other activists. SAFE raises genuine environmental issues, and follow them till a conclusive result. The focus of SAFE is to stop the misuse of ground water by private realtors, individuals and other entities and to protect the wetlands and green covers. SAFE’s initiatives include litigations, Right to Information (RTI) , research, campaigns, policy interventions and efforts towards sustainable development. Several Public Interest Litigations (PIL) on environmental issues have been filed by SAFE.



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Vikrant Tongad

Vikrant Tongad is a Gr. Noida based self trained young environment activist. Vikrant started conserving the ecology at an early stage of his life.


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