SAFE Green

Waste Management and Controlling Plastic Pollution

Waste Management is a matter of great concern in India. SAFE is working to stop this malpractice of burning waste in Delhi-NCR. As soon as SAFE receives information about the burning of garbage, SAFE members immediately complain to the concerned department. SAFE also sends a team to the place to organize an awareness drive. The SAFE team explains to people what to do with waste and why. 

Presently, SAFE is working hard on getting a proposed site for the disposal of Noida, Gr. Noida and Dadri cities. 

SAFE has successfully worked in village Bhanauta, in Greater Noida to stop illegal dumping due to which people in nearby villages were getting sick.

SAFE organizes awareness programs for the RWA members and villagers to explain the correct ways of disposal/composting garbage. SAFE also sensitizes people against dumping and using single-use plastic. SAFE explains to people why plastic should not be used and what can be done with the used plastic.