SAFE Green

Our Mission

Environment Justice for All

Everyone on the planet has the equal right to live in a healthy environment. But do we all live in a healthy environment? What are the causes of this environmental degradation? What are its impacts on us? These are the key questions that everyone should ask in this century.
Usually, the impacts of most environmental degradations are realized in the long run. The immediate benefits of the developmental activities overpower the far concerns. But everyone on the planet is going to pay for it- today or tomorrow. This is high time to restore the damage done so far and prevent any further degradation of our environment.
It is the endeavour of SAFE to provide clean air, clean water, and a green and clean sustainable environment to all. SAFE wants to achieve this for the people and by the involvement of the people.

Numerous scientific studies conducted over the past few decades have shown that regardless of race, colour, national origin, or income, people are facing and will face the brunt of environmental hazards. People who usually live near hazardous sites like industrial facilities and waste disposal sites, reside in urban areas with elevated levels of air pollution, and be employed in potentially dangerous occupations, are more likely to face the impact of environmental degradation. Moreover, substantial evidence indicates that these people are likely, on average, to be more vulnerable to environmentally induced discomfort, dysfunction, disability, disease, and death.

Environmental justice means the meaningful involvement of people from all communities towards sustainable development. Without environmental justice, many people are made to be victims of the plans and ambitions of others.
Environment degradation has reached a stage where the people involved are going to play a key role along with the government policies. The first step towards this starts with building awareness about the environment, its ecology, and the possible threats.
Starting from building awareness, SAFE works with government agencies and people to prevent environmental pollution, conserve the ecological balance, and rebuild the disturbed ecosystems with a professional approach.