SAFE Green

Green Metro Projects

Metro Projects are increasing rapidly in the country, which undoubtedly benefit the environment and the people of the country. Metro Projects can be made more environment-friendly during construction and post construction phase. We should not forget that during the construction of the Metro project the environment is affected. Trees are cut, water is drained, dust is generated etc. Metro projects are similar to any other building construction project and therefore sufficient action needs to be taken simultaneously to protect the surrounding environment.

S.A.F.E. has suggested environmental clearances (EC) for Metro Projects. We have been demanding this from the authorities for quiet a long time.Due our continuous efforts, the local authorities have now asked for EC for the Noida-Greater Noida Metro Project because they are convinced that it is in the interest of the environment. It will be the first EC for any metro Project in India so this is a landmark achievement in favour of both the environment and developmental work. If this is made applicable to all Metro projects, then it benefits both the project and the environment.