SAFE Green

CSR Implementation Partner

SAFE is a registered NGO (Non-Government Organisation) that works together with corporate partners and local communities in India to improve the environment and human well-being. 

The corporate partnership works mainly in 2 ways: 

1. SAFE ties up with the corporate and implements the program/project designed by the corporate as per the terms and conditions set by the corporate. 

2. SAFE approaches the corporate for funds for the full/partial work for the projects designed or envisioned by SAFE. 

SAFE puts environmental justice for all as its goal and supports the following causes in the environmental sector: 

1. Tree plantation and development of urban forest or biodiversity park 

2. Restoration of ponds, lakes, and wetlands 

3. Mitigating water pollution 

4. Mitigating air pollution 

5. Waste management and controlling plastic pollution 6. Mitigating and adapting to climate change