SAFE Green

Since 2012 SAFE has started working against air pollution. The volunteers go in the Delhi-NCR region and collect data. They spread awareness among common people and students.

Solid waste burning

Municipal solid waste burning is a major cause of air pollution in Delhi-NCR. Although this is banned across India, still people burn garbage to destroy it but end up harming the environment.

SAFE volunteers monitor this with the help of a network of volunteers. They report if there is any such incident. Then the actions are taken up by SAFE in a professional way. SAFE informs the concerned departments in the government offices and persuades them to take immediate action against it.

Crop burning

Crop/agriculture residue burning in the neighboring states of Delhi is one of the major causes of air pollution in Delhi, especially during winters. It also affects the soil.

SAFE members have been spreading awareness against stubble burning in the neighbouring areas of Punjab, Haryana, UP, and Rajasthan since 2012-2013.

They educate people about how stubble burning causes air pollution, what are its effects of it, and how this can be avoided.

SAFE has also reached out to National Green Tribunal (NGT) and submitted their concern and report. Finally, in 2015, NGT banned crop burning. District level committee has been formed in all the districts of the four neighbouring states of Delhi to control crop burning.

These days, farmers have got subsidies to manage crop residue in an environment-friendly way. The Indian Agriculture Research Institute has proposed a radical solution for stubble burning in the form of a bio-enzyme called PUSA. When sprayed, this enzyme decomposes the stubble in 20-25 days, turning it into manure, further improving the soil quality.

Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution has a serious impact on the health of humans and animals. There are many causes of noise pollution. SAFE volunteers spread awareness about this. They are constantly appealing to the concerned authorities to implement the law to curb noise pollution.