What We Do

June 16, 2016

Our conservation efforts involve social and legal interventions in different kinds of disturbances to the ecology and environment, perpetrated by the reckless private entities, private builders, big corporates and government agencies, alike.

While our social initiatives including generating awareness through media, social media, campaigns and even demonstrations, we have taken several issues to the courts like National Green Tribunal (NGT), after the governments and their agencies in different states failed to acknowledge and rectify those ecological turbulences.

Some of the cases filed by us before the NGT include:

1: Dadri wetlands & wildlife (UP): The NGT has banned constructions in and around the wetlands, home to a huge avian biodiversity and blackbucks, reptiles, etc. It is the only place where blacbucks exist other than Delhi Zoo, in NCR. The case is still on.

2. Ground water depletion: The NGT has banned extraction and dewatering of earth by private developers, water packaging units for their sole commercial purposes and gains.

It’s a big case and has shattered the CGWA and other government agencies, governments.

3. Massive pollution of Middle Ganga in Garhmukteswar, a 82-km Ramsar Site from Brijghat to Narora in UP: Some industrial giants are openly discharging untreated effluents into Ganga mainstream at this stretch, which has good number of dolphins, more that 6 species of fresh water turtles, crocodiles, gharials, birds and over 300 species of fishes — the largest in any river ecosystem in India. The case has just been filed by SAFE and one of these 3 polluting units has already been shut. There is no escape route for these polluters left now.

4. Straw Burning: Crop residue burning in Punjab, Haryana and UP leads to heavy build-up of Beijing-like smog every year over Delhi and NCR, due to vast quantities of greenhouse gases emitted during burning. The NGT has ordered Ministry of Agriculture to frame guidelines and asked the states to frame legislations to arrest this hazardous practice. A good and unexpected progress has been achieved in the case. We held a meeting with the ministry last week and suggested them a slew of measures to curb the practice.

5. Delhi Metro rain water harvesting: Hundreds of millions of rainwater is wasted every year after going down incessantly from the roofs of stations and other DMRC’s installations.  The NGT has directed DMRC to examine the prospects of installing harvesting systems in all its stations, as provided under the DMRC rules, too.

5. Underground Parking (by Noida Authority): The word itself, suggests recklessness of agency and neglect about the ecology. After the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) Chairman Bhure Lal held that no construction/excavation could be carried beneath parks in NCR, the NGT is hearing the plea filed by us.

Besides, we are working on many more cases on alarming practices, damaging the environment.