About Us

June 16, 2016

SAFE is a non profit making organisation which was established in the year 2013 and registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 by few nature enthusiasts and conservationists. Initially they started working on the local issues of Greater Noida like environmental  education, corruption and awareness about Right to Information. Later they shifted their attention to working on water conservation in nearby areas.

So far the NGO has worked on varied environmental issues like construction of rainwater harvesting systemsgroundwater depletion and illegal tree cutting. The organisation believes that we should save the existing trees because everybody focuses only on new plantation but do not pay attention to saving already planted trees.

The NGO has been proactive in reducing industrial pollution, cleaning river Ganga, controlling beach camping and rafting in Uttarakhand, water wastage in water parks and wetland conservation.

The NGO is keen on working on the implementation of government rules and policies for which it plans to secure governmental cooperation. It also aims to create awareness among school children about the importance of the environment.

Vision: To help in the conservation of the environment by creating awareness among people and training all the stakeholders which in turn will lead to development of a just society where people lead a healthy life.

Objective: We help in conservation of environment  by implementation of policies by the drafted by the government. We encourage people to fight for their right to a clean environment by spreading awareness . If required we sometimes resort to litigation for the implementation of the policies